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LGBTQ youth homelessness in Canada

A concise look at LGBT youth homelessness, the situation as it is now, and what policy changes can be made to change the situation for LGBT youth in Canada.


Young, Queer, and Homeless in Toronto

This video was put together by I. Alex Abramovich as part of his masters thesis on LGBT homelessness in Toronto. The video includes important findings from Alex’s research and gives some background about what it is like to be a young queer person experiencing homelessness in Toronto. Not only does it include some important statistics about youth homelessness is also explores the discrimination that LGBT youth can experience in the shelter system and on the streets even in Toronto which is advertised as a global hub for LGBT people.


A must see documentary on LGBT homelessness

A must see documentary on LGBT homelessness

In the course of my research I stumbled on this documentary which takes an in-depth look at the lives and experiences of LGBT people who are experiencing homelessness. This film explores the reasons for LGBT homelessness and the roles that society plays in putting LGBT youth at risk of experiencing housing insecurity.


LGBT Youth Homelessness – An Infographic

2TOR-LGBT-10JULY-2012This is an interesting infographic I’ve seen on several other blogs that sums up the issue of LGBT homelessness in the States quite well. (Click the image to see an even larger size

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