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Quebec Based Trans* Support Group to Publish Trans Shelter Access Guidebook

At  a memorial service yesterday, my older cousin and fellow blogger gave me crap about abandoning my blog. I had spoken to my parents about how I wanted to continue the blog but had no idea what more I could talk about… but low and behold as I was hanging out on my tumblr dash today a story of interest appeared. A trans* support group based out of Quebec have raised over 2000 dollars to produce and publish a guide for shelter support workers on how to improve the policies and practices of shelters in Montreal, and Quebec as a whole, to make shelter and support services safer and more accessible for trans* individuals. The shelter guide being produced by Action Santé Travesti(e)s et Transsexuel(le)s du Québec also known as Québec Trans Health Action will provide tips and tools for support workers in order to improve the shelter situation for trans* individuals as well as include stories and testimonials from trans* individuals on their experiences of accessing shelters and support services.

As mentioned before in a previous post, some Montreal shelters have been known to be unfriendly and accepting of trans* individuals which can have dire consequences especially in the winter months. This guide is being produced in direct response to the discrimination and exclusion that many trans* people in Montreal experience when trying to gain access to shelters and homelessness support services. Many reports on issued faces by trans* individuals in the shelter system have narrowed in on the issue of policies and practices in shelters being transphobic or just plain ignorant towards the issues faced by and the needs of trans* individuals who are experiencing homelessness and who are seeking shelter and other services to address their homeless status. Documents such as this one can be foundations for producing policy in shelters that accommodates the needs of trans* individuals and addresses issues that make shelters unsafe or inhospitable for trans* individuals. Recommendations for changes that are made by trans* individuals and their allies address the needs of trans* people as they understand them which allows for shelters and support services to make changes that accommodate the experiences of trans* individuals.

For more on this see the story on or visit ASTT(e)Q’s gofundme site to learn more about the project or to donate funds. You can also visit their website to learn more about the organization as a whole.


I. Alex Abramovich on lack of LGBT homelessness resources

I. Alex Abramovich on lack of LGBT homelessness resources

Alex Abramovich discusses the lack of LGBT homelessness resources in Toronto and what he thinks we need to do to make homelessness safer for LGBTQ individuals (as safe as homelessness can be)

Why this is important to me…

When we were asked to choose a research topic on an issue relating to gender and welfare in Canada, I was immediately drawn to the issue of LGBT homelessness, especially after leading a seminar on homelessness that included literature on LGBT youth homelessness. The more I read about the issue the more I wanted to understand what it means for LGBT youth to be homeless and how their status as LGBT individuals affects their experiences with homelessness and housing insecurity. One of the major things that has struck me over the course of my research is the fact that many of the people being discussed in the literature are LGBT youth who are around the same age as me and my friends and as a queer identified individual it really strikes me how lucky I am. In the states it is estimated that 320,000-400,000 LGBT youth are homeless, I am one of the lucky ones. As someone who comes from a very liberally minded family who accepted me from the very moment I came out, I can never even begin to imagine what it means trying to address homophobia within the shelter system as well as within your own family and community. The fact that I have had an extremely difficult time finding local resources available for LGBT youth experiencing homelessness only increases my drive to learn more about the topic and what we can do to make life better for queer homeless youth. I am eager to learn about the experiences of other queer youth and what we can do to improve the situation for homeless youth who are gay and trans.


A must see documentary on LGBT homelessness

A must see documentary on LGBT homelessness

In the course of my research I stumbled on this documentary which takes an in-depth look at the lives and experiences of LGBT people who are experiencing homelessness. This film explores the reasons for LGBT homelessness and the roles that society plays in putting LGBT youth at risk of experiencing housing insecurity.


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Thanks to everyone!


I just want to give a big shout-out to everyone who’s been passing this blog around. When I posted a link to it on facebook I was not expecting to have FOURTY TWO people come and check out my blog today! Thanks so much to all my family members who shared it with their friends and who have shown interest in what I’m doing for this research project. So thanks again to everyone.

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