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I. Alex Abramovich on lack of LGBT homelessness resources

I. Alex Abramovich on lack of LGBT homelessness resources

Alex Abramovich discusses the lack of LGBT homelessness resources in Toronto and what he thinks we need to do to make homelessness safer for LGBTQ individuals (as safe as homelessness can be)


Trans People in Montreal Denied Access to Shelters Even in the Worst Weather Conditions.

The fact that this article is only a few months old speaks volumes about the situation for trans individuals who are experiencing homelessness. As Montreal experiences extreme winter weather many trans individuals were literally left out in the cold, denied access to homeless shelters because of their status as trans. Many shelters require government identification for people to gain access to shelter and when your sex on your I.D does not match that of your identity or your body, people get turned away simply due to a bureaucratic glitch. For MTF trans individuals the process to get into a shelter  designed specifically for women can often involve being asked a number of intrusive and invasive questions about their gender identity and their transition process which puts many trans individuals off of accessing shelter. These kinds of issues are what need to be addressed in order to make shelter life safer for trans people so they aren’t forced to turn to the streets.


A must see documentary on LGBT homelessness

A must see documentary on LGBT homelessness

In the course of my research I stumbled on this documentary which takes an in-depth look at the lives and experiences of LGBT people who are experiencing homelessness. This film explores the reasons for LGBT homelessness and the roles that society plays in putting LGBT youth at risk of experiencing housing insecurity.

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